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Pakbara the old village

Pakbara, Thailand – An Unexpectedly Great Place to Chill Out
   Pakbara is the gateway to the tropical islands of Satun Province, Thailand. That includes the pristine islands within Koh Tarutao National Park, super famous‘hot spot’ Koh Lipe and low-key Koh Bulon. Koh Lipe has become so outrageously popular, especially among Thai travelers, that a massive pier was built at Pakbara a few years ago in order to handle the throngs of Thai vacationers heading to / from Lipe on a daily basis for several months of the year.

Visit the first Buddhist temple in Satun
   Wat Chana Thip Chaloem is the first and the largest Buddhist temple in Satun, having been constructed in 1882. The temple has a distinctive look compared to other Thai temples, in that it is not a golden single-storeyed structure. Instead, its Ubosot (ordination hall) has two storeys: the first one, made of brick, serves as the preaching hall, while the second, made of wood, is where the monks hold their religious activities.

Explore caves 
   Satun is home to several caves. Arguably the most popular is Phu Pha Pet Cave, which is a large but deep cave with a high ceiling. “phuphaphet” is loosely translated to “diamond cliff,” referring to the sparkle of the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave when the light hits these. It is also known by the names Tham Lod, Tham Pet, Tham Phuphaphet, Phuphapet, Phuphaphet, and Tham Yao.

Satun National Museum and La-ngu Local Museum
   Satun National Museum, otherwise known as Ku-Den Museum, was originally built in 1902 as the residence of Phraya Phuminatphakdi, who served as a governor of Satun. It then served as a city hall, before being converted into a museum.It displays some artifacts and antiques showcasing the traditional culture of Satun. Some artwork made by local artists is also on display here. La-ngu Local Museum serves as the repository of several handicrafts, including earthenware, brassware, silverware, glassware, wickerwork, and ceramics. It also houses several coins, banknotes, musical instruments, fans, and watches. Most of the items on display are owned by Chaiwat Saikun, a private collector.

Go island hopping
   Satun is home to several beautiful islands. Phetra Islands National Park includes 22 virgin islands, with the waters surrounding these teeming with aquatic life. Its main islands are Lidi Island, Bulon Island, and Khao Yai Island. Lidi Island is home to thousands of swallows, which have made the caves in the island their home. During low tide, four islets will surface and connect to each other, with a sandbar forming a natural bridge connecting these. The island has camp grounds for those who want to stay there overnight. The island can be reached by car from La-ngu. Bulon Island can be accessed by boat from Pak Bara Pier. It has been dubbed the “Pearl of the Andaman” for its rich underwater life, with colorful corals and various species of fish making this area their home. Khao Yai Island is one of the islands of Phetra Islands National Park. Its rocky formation resembles a castle. Going here by boat is not difficult since the waters around it are calm practically all year round. Near the island is a pearl culture farm, which serves as a tourist attraction. The Satun Aquaculture Office can be found on this island.